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Justin Friebel


I love animals.

Belle the Boston Terrier owns a big part of my heart. She's a huge cuddler and loves to play when she's not napping or farting!

I love cooking.

You can catch me outside tending to my Pit Boss smoker :).

I love playing video games.

My current game of choice is Escape from Tarkov. Tarkov has a lot of traits that I've enjoyed in the past such as SOCOM, Runescape (PVP looting and quests), and Counterstrike. Other games I've played in the past are PUBG and Apex Legends. Growing up our family played on Nintendo and N64.

Camping and hiking.

Every summer I go camping and hiking. As much as I love computers, disconnecting a few times a year is lovely and necessary. I recently climbed to the summit of Grays Peak in Colorado!