My SaaS project mplyees

October 6th, 2017 - Justin Friebel

Over the past 10 months I've spent a majority of my free time working on mplyees, public anonymous employee suggestions. Mplyees is my first attempt at making a complete SaaS product.

Why I built mplyees

I built mplyees because employees at larger companies often have a hard time communicating up the chain of middle management and executives. Knowledge is spread across so many different spaces, collecting and keeping the thoughts of a large company is hard to do. The employee suggestions are anonymous because there are a lot suggestions that employees can be ostracized for. Although we hope that most of the suggestions from employees will be a big boon to company trajectory, some may be slightly bad for a company in the short term. We want to empower employees and not just make software for companies to control the herd.

What I use to build mplyees

* Laravel
* Vue.js
* Webpack
* MariaDB
* Bootstrap
* Laravel Forge
* DigitalOcean
* VirtualBox
* Vagrant
* Laravel Homestead

Mplyees features

* Public employee suggestions
* Anonymous employee suggestions
* Employee suggestion voting
* Employee suggestion categories
* Employee suggestions are checked for bad words
* Anonymous employee suggestion commenting

Current goals for mplyees

I have built a lot of the basic features for mplyees to be useful. I'm now working on getting users and companies on board to see if the software will be successful and worth pursuing long term. Please check out mplyees and leave a suggestion for your company. If you have any feedback or suggestions for mplyees itself, everyone can leave suggestions on the mplyees page.

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