Benefits of working remotely

November 5th, 2017 - Justin Friebel

There have been a lot of posts about remote work. Recently, I’ve been able to experience and understand it better. I really enjoy the time I’ve spent working from home. I worked from home full time for about 4 months this summer. I now go into the office a few times a week as requested by my manager.

More creative sparks while working remotely

When I’m working from home I seem to have more creative sparks. My guess is that the majority of the things written below help my creativity. I haven’t counted but I believe going on short quick walks to take the doggo outside have resulted in most of my creative sparks.

Working remotely provides a quiet environment

Having a quiet work environment is really important to me. I have ADD and it can often be hard for me to concentrate in an open office environment without a quiet area. I often listen to music in the office to try and concentrate, but that doesn’t always help. Having half my time working in quiet is the single biggest factor in my productivity boost.

Eating healthy is easier when you work from home

Another huge advantage when working from is how easy it is to eat healthy. No need to spend time making and packing a healthy lunch. It’s super nice to just make a healthy lunch right when you want to eat. You also get the added bonus of saving some money by not eating out as much.

Pooping in your own toilet is a rarely talked about perk when working remote

Something I haven’t heard many remote workers talking about is being able to take a nice dump on a clean toilet without anyone listening.

Having pets around increases your happiness while working from home

This is what started my remote work life. This past May I got a new puppy. Her name is Belle and she’s a purebred Boston Terrier.

Having a pet around when you’re working is amazing. They remind you to take breaks every few hours and walk around. If you’re going through a higher stress situation at work your pets are right there to cover you in love.

Being silly, singing, and getting in the groove

When I’m working from home I can be as weird as I want. I can crank up some music and sing to my dog. I think if I were to play music outloud and start singing I’d probably get a few looks in the office.

Stretching while working remotely

I try to strech out my back at least twice a day, once during my lunch break. Stretching seems to be a great way to reduce the tension in my back that builds up from sitting for long periods of time.

Standing desk

Earlier this year I bought a standing desk. Between standing intervals at my desk and stretching my back has improved a lot. Standing and stretching both seem to provide me with more energy throughout the day.

Not driving, the obvious remote work perk

Not wasting 1 hour everyday driving to the office itself is huge. On top of that I spend less money on gas, need oil changes less often, and put less miles on my vehicle. There is also the benefit of less stress by avoiding rush hour traffic.

Comfortable clothes

DealerSocket has a very reasonable dress code for the office and I have no complaints. When working from home I can wear sweats for maximum comfort.

Room temperature

I’ve heard so many stories about cold offices that I can’t keep track of them. I’m not sure why offices think it’s a good idea to have the temperature so low. Just walking through the office I’d say easily 80% of people are wearing sweatshirts, and even some with blankets!

I’m not sure why you’d want to decrease the productivity of the majority so a few people can be comfortable. Enough with the ranting, when your working from home you can control the temperature to your liking and it’s super nice!

Working remote overview

For me, the benefits far outweight the cons of working remotely. I can see how some would enjoy the productivity of working in person. For that to work out well you still need a balanced tight knit team all in the same location. For small or highly organized companies working together can have some advantages, I’m just not certain many companies fit in that bucket.

Working remotely gives me the ability to concentrate, be comfortable, and get more work done that I would in an office environment.

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